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Visit this area to access papers, articles, studies, and projects that are about Cedar Bog. This page includes creations and information from our youngest visitors to those that do scientific study of the things that live and grow in Cedar Bog. It also includes articles about people and things important to the bog.

Newspaper Articles about Cedar Bog

    This file contains articles from various newspapers from 1937 and 1938. All of these articles were collected from the Champaign County Library archive. All are reproduced here electronically, but in their original form. They are for educational purposes only.

Articles about things relating to Nature and Cedar Bog

Projects by students

Papers and books

A Scientific Study The picture at the top of this page in the banner shows a place where time stands still. This particular area of Cedar Bog has remained the same since 1938. Trees don't grow here because of the constant freeze and thaw of the ground in the winter, also knows as ice heave. The ice heave uproots seedlings before they get a start.

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