Friends & Partners

The Cedar Bog Association

The Cedar Bog Association provides the financial and volunteer support for the operation of the property known as Cedar Bog Nature Preserve as a natural area and conservation center where: land and people can be united for scientific and educational pursuits; to educate the public through research programs in co-operation with schools, colleges, youth groups, and adult organizations in order to develop an understanding and appreciation of the unique natural history of Cedar Bog and other Ohio endangered wetlands, and to co-operate with public and private natural resource organizations in developing and implementing management programs to assure the perpetuation of Cedar Bog in its natural state.

FRIENDS of Cedar Bog Nature Preserve

The FRIENDS of Cedar Bog Nature Preserve was formed in 2006 to make the proposed Education Center at Cedar Bog a reality.  It is a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees.  Funding for the new building was contingent on establishing ongoing financial support for its operations. The Ohio History Connection and the Cedar Bog Association have a management agreement for the everyday operation of the Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, and the Education Center plays an essential role accommodating visitors, and supporting community activities and research.

This website is funded by FRIENDS of Cedar Bog.